Dean Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to ECU, Faculty of Engineering and Technology. Our main objective is to deliver high quality programs in accordance with the Chinese education system, aiming at engaging students in a range of national and international competitions that provide opportunities for interaction with peers in other universities, all over the world, such experiences add to the educational benefits that students acquire. Therefore, the Faculty of Engineering and Technology provides students with a wide range of unique but distinguished four programs:

  • Construction & Buildings Engineering.
  • Energy and Renewable Energy Engineering.
  • Software Engineering and Information Technology
  • Mechatronics  Engineering

In addition, Faculty of Engineering and Technology also offers its services through a range of knowledge transfer and knowledge commercialization schemes. I would like to point out that the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, at ECU, spares no effort to work out programs in its rightful place on the engineering education map to reach out the world-class level.

Prof. Dr. Ali Abdel Razik
Dean of Engineering Faculty

Construction and Building Engineering

Construction and Building Engineering

The program aims at meeting the needs of the Egyptian construction industry by forming engineers familiar with the overall design of built facilities.

The Construction and Building Engineering explores all phases of the life cycle of a building and develops an assessment of the building as an advanced technological system.

Problems are identified and appropriate solutions found to improve the performance of the building in areas such as: Energy efficiency, Passive solar engineering, Lighting and acoustics, Indoor air quality, Construction management, HVAC, Advanced building materials, Building envelope, Earthquake resistance, Wind effects on buildings and Computer - aided design.

The job market in Egypt demands building engineers with such a strong background especially to cope with the current national effort to construct affordable and suitable housing for the people.

Software Engineering and Information Technology

Software Engineering and Information Technology

The systematic development of high quality software systems that are concerned with quality, cost, time, and a number of other requirements requires well-qualified engineers in this field. Targeted at software engineering apply engineering principles in each phase of software development life-cycle; requirements analysis, design, validation, implementation, testing, documentation, and management. Software engineering is one of the most promising fields in engineering, and is considered an important milestone in the ever-growing information technology sector. Therefore, the main objective of this program is to graduate highly qualified engineers in the field of computer engineering and software industry that have the qualification requirements in the field of computer engineering and software engineering. This program focuses on modern methodologies in the software industry that represents, without a doubt, an important sector of the national economy. Students study in this program a variety of courses that complement each other to produce a world-class qualified engineer. The graduate of this program will establish technical leadership in this area. In addition to his contributions as a professional engineer who is able to participate and cooperate productively in his respective fields. The skills of the graduates of this program that include computer engineering, software engineering, distributed and mobile computing, embedded systems, computer security, multimedia systems, and others will lead to high-level positions in leading the engineering projects in these areas. Therefore, this program will meet the increasing demand for this specialization to meet the market needs at the national, regional, and international levels.

Energy and Renewable Energy

Energy and Renewable Energy Engineering

The program aims to meet the needs of power stations from new sources of energy available in the Arab Republic of Egypt, such as solar energy, photovoltaic energy, wind energy through the preparation of engineers familiar with the various types of these sources and how they work. Also, it defines the problems and finds appropriate solutions for the effective use of new energy sources in different industrial areas, thereby reducing the dependence on fossil fuels and reducing environmental pollution. Labor market in Egypt desperately needs engineers with this background, particularly in the framework of the national effort to provide energy at affordable prices to citizens. Also, this area attracts global attention, which makes it important to include in the higher education system in Egypt.


Mechatronics Engineering and Automation Program

Egypt needs to cope with the global modernization trends and push innovation to lead in the industrial, medical, and product development sectors. Accordingly, empowering the field of Mechatronics in our universities is a must as it uses the great advancement in the sciences of electronics and computer engineering to enhance the safety, performance, and efficiency of modern mechanical systems.The aim of the program is to graduate Mechatronics engineers that are capable of penetrating Egyptian, regional, and international markets with their knowledge, skills, professionalism and ethics. The program provides four different fields in which the students in this program can specialize. These four fields are: Autotronics, Nano-Mechatronics, Industrial Mechatronics, and Bio-Mechatronics.