No Vacancy Available

The Egyptian Chinese University has opened up career opportunities in the faculty of Physiotherapy.

  • Teaching Staff.

  1. PhD in Medicine or Sciences department of Biochemistry Specialized in Biochemistry (Apply).
  2. PhD in Physiotherapy Specialized in Biomechanics (Apply).
  3. PhD in Physiotherapy Specialized in Biophysics (Apply).
  4. PhD in physiotherapy Specialized and is a holder of certificates and diplomas of quality assurance in higher education (Apply).
  • Second, Hiring Teacher Assistants.

A number of teaching assistants, graduates of medicine in the three following specializations (Anatomy, Physiology and Histology) (Apply).

  • Third, Hiring Part-time Teaching Staff.

  1. Specialized in Anatomy (Apply).
  2. Specialized in physiology (Apply).
  3. Specialized in Histology (Apply).
  4. Specialized in Sociology (Apply).