About the Center

In 2016, the Egyptian Chinese University was born to be one of the beacons of knowledge and knowledge not only in the Arab Republic of Egypt, but in order to radiate its creativity in the surrounding region regionally and internationally.

The Egyptian Chinese University has signed scientific and research cooperation protocols with China's Jiao Tong University, The top ten universities in China and the top one in engineering and software sciences. With this cooperation and strategic partnership and with these huge possibilities, it is hoped to make a qualitative leap for the Arab Republic of Egypt to high future prospects through the introduction of the latest systems of education, learning and scientific research.

The Egyptian Chinese University has been keen since its first day to take into consideration the application of international quality standards in the various academic and administrative institutions of the university through the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center of the Egyptian Chinese University. And the standards of the National Commission for Quality Assurance and International Standards and lead the process of continuous improvement of the institutional and academic performance of the University and gain the confidence of the community in the graduates according to international standards that the community is satisfied with the quality of performance and qualify the product provided by the Whole (Graduates) to compete at the local and international levels.