Productive University

One of the distinguishing non-traditional feature of the Egyptian Chinese University (ECU) is its support to the production and entrepreneurial activities. This trend contributes to enhancing its capacity as a technology-based Higher Education institution on the one hand, and establishing appropriate links between the university and the productive sphere of the economy, on the other hand.

ECU seeks in this respect to re-orient its educational and research policies, establish its mutual relations, and direct its faculties and technological centers to support Egypt’s industrial and services sectors. This policy is principally dependent on the technological structure of ECU represented by its manufacturing job shops, applied research centers attached to its faculties and the envisaged technological innovation centers.

To consolidate this modern trend, ECU will include industrial development centers and illustrative production lines, manufacturing job shops to train students, and marketing and distribution centers in order to interact with the markets of goods and services.

According to the scientific agreement with the Chinese Engineering and technology based universities, they are engaged to support ECU in applying this unprecedented modern strategic policy trend of higher education system in Egypt.