Dean Message

It’s my pleasure to congratulate my students for joining the faculty of Physical Therapy at ECU.  Our educational curricula is characterized by having nontraditional Chinese medicine incorporated in the physical therapy program making the graduates from ECU distinctive on an international level.  The curriculum gives the students the ability to do differential diagnosis, select the effective and efficient therapy and perform research on a medical problems of our community.

The ECU is doing its best to have collaboration between the foreign universities that have a high impact record. Our aim is to exchange students and academic staff to broaden their knowledge and skills.

University life is not limited to academic studies, but sharing in student activities that help students to develop their mental, physical and social skills.  Therefore I encourage you to participate in such activities.

I would like all of you to benefit from the office hours of the academic staff to improve their knowledge and skills. The academic advisor is assigned to help you throughout the whole program, so do not feel shy to ask him if you have any type of problems, it is your right.

During your study program, you will get through eight different departments to get a bachelor degree in Physical therapy.  These departments are (Basic science department, Biomechanics department, Department of Physical therapy for cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, Department of Physical therapy for woman health, Department of Physical therapy for Integumentary diseases, Department of Physical therapy for neurology and neurosurgery, Department of Physical therapy for orthopedic and orthopedic surgery, and Department of Physical therapy for pediatric and pediatric surgery). You will graduate as a general practitioner of physical therapy. Specialization in one of the above department is done through postgraduate studies.


Best and warmest wishes for all of you

Prof. Samy Abdel Samad Nasef.

Dean of Faculty of Physical Therapy.