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Latest News

  • Dr. Hany el Nokrashi visit and Lecture to ECU

    On Wednesday 21/12/2016, ECU proudly hosted Dr. Hany el Nokrashi, the Presidential Scientists and Experts Consultancy candidate for the Arab Republic of Egypt on Solar and Renewable Energy. Dr. Nokrashi presented a lecture titled: “Egypt’s Futuristic Launch in facing a Holistic Approach to Renewable Energy, Water and Habitat”. Both Dr. Mohamed Essam Khalifa, acting President...

    January 19, 2017
  • Knowledge Exchange Agreement between ECU and Egyptian Forensic Agency

    On Wednesday, 4/1/2017, ECU received a visit from officials at The Egyptian Forensic Agency consisting of Dr. Mohamed Zeidan, Head of Forgery Unit in Tanta and Dr. Mahmoud Matar. The agenda for the visit was to discuss the scientific and research problems facing the agency and the proposed recommendations and solutions that ECU can contribute...

    January 4, 2017
  • ECU Students ‘Trip to Fayyoum Arabian Nights Resort.

    On Tuesday 13.12.2016, ECU hosted a student entertainment trip to Arabian Nights Resort in Fayyoum governorate. 31 students participated in the activity in addition to 4 supervisors from the Office of student’s affairs. Students sent the day having access to various activities starting with enjoying the sunshine by the swimming pool, horseback riding, healthy lunch,...

    December 13, 2016
  • ECU Students’ Trip to the Police Academy

    On Wednesday 07/12/2017, ECU students went on a field trip to the Police Academy at the 1st District. The trip was headed by Dr. Mohmed Essam Khalifa, acting ECU President along with 2 faculty members namely, Dr. Sherine Moussa and Dr. Doaa Magdi in addition to 2 office of students’ affairs supervisors, namely Mr. Mazen...

    December 5, 2016