Beijing Jiao Tong University


In 2016 a Memorandum of understanding  was signed to establish a mutual beneficial relationship on the bases of academic, scientific and technological cooperation, this allows both the universities to exchange faculty professors, researchers, students, publications academic programs, research projects and double degree programs in the practical fields of the faculty of engineering and technology including: Construction ( civil engineering and Architecture, Mechatronics and Software Engineering and Information technology)

The Egyptian Chinese University Signed the first protocol of its kind in Africa and the middle east with one of the top ranked universities in china; The Beijing Jaiotong University, delightfully took place on 9/5/2017. A very sophisticated and cooperation with many benefits including a double degree programs in Software Engineering and information technology, exchange programs for the undergraduate and the post graduate with a duration of minimum 6 months to two years maximum also including merit scholarships and summer programs as well as exchange of academic content and research publications as well as staff members between both universities for the purposes of collaborative research, instructional and cultural programs, exchange of resources teaching methodologies and Special courses.