Factors of Producing Scientific Research

Since scientific research is considered – from an economic point of view – as a service rendered to the society at large, it includes both supply forces (producers of research and development such as universities and research institutes) and demand side (from civil society, government and production sectors).

ECU will develop its factors of producing scientific research based on the following policies:
  1. Develop its research human resources by enhancing their scientific and research capabilities and ensure their continuous access to worldwide knowledge production and dissemination via international conferences and cooperation with advanced scientific research centers and acquiring modern research culture.
  2. Modernize scientific capabilities such as labs and equipment to cope with advanced research trends and strategies.
  3. Allocate the financial resources needed to carry out research and development, and diversify their domestic and foreign sources, and ensure their optimum uses.
  4. Build a comprehensive research information infrastructure by expanding the electronic and digital libraries, participation in international scientific databases, and communication with virtual networks of scientific research.
  5. Build modern and flexible institutional and managerial framework, and developing strategic plans to achieve research objectives on the medium and long run.