Software Engineering and Information Technology

softwareengineeringThe systematic development of high quality software systems that are concerned with quality, cost, time, and a number of other requirements needs qualified engineers in this field. The ultimate purpose of the program is to apply engineering principles and methods in each phase of software development life-cycle; requirements analysis, design, validation, implementation, testing, documentation, and management. Software engineering is one of the most promising fields of engineering, and it is considered as an important milestone in the ever-growing information technology sector. Therefore, the main objective of this program is to form highly qualified engineers in the field of computer engineering and software with appropriate scientific background qualification requirements in the field of information and software engineering technology. This program focuses on modern methodologies in the software industry that represents an important sector of the national economy that contributes to economic growth and welfare of citizens. Students study in this program a variety of courses that complement each other to produce a world-class qualified engineer. The graduate of this program will establish technical leadership in this area. In addition to his contributions as a professional engineer who is able to participate and cooperate productively in his respective fields. The skills of the graduates of this program include computer engineering, software development, distributed and mobile computing, embedded systems, computer security, multimedia systems, and others. Therefore, this program will meet the increasing demand for this specialization to meet the market needs at the national, regional,