About ECU

The Egyptian Chinese University (ECU) is the only Chinese university in Egypt and the Middle East founded by the presidential Creed number (118), 2013. ECU is considered to be the first technological, productive and non-traditional university which depends on the productive technology. ECU is planned to be consisting of 16 faculties that will start with 4 faculties and increase gradually in the following years to cover the remaining ones.

ECU contributes in the establishment of factories, workshops and technology transfer; helping to create a second row of businessmen and push youth forward for self-employment highly trained graduates. The university also includes training workshops, sales outlets for the students' products which assist in sustainable students' development, in addition to some enterprises that help the surrounding population and so, transfer the technical and practical Chinese experience. ECU is aiming to contribute to intellectual growth, discipline and good character for the future leaders in Egypt and the Middle East.

ECU introduces higher quality educational services in modern and advanced scientific fields, satisfies international strategies and supports scientific research, experimental development and innovation, as well as applying life – long - learning (LLL) plans. ECU represents an advanced model of technological and productive university, with graduates capable of competing on both national and international evels, in addition to carrying out basic and applied scientific researches leading to innovative outputs. The graduates of ECU are to be equipped with skills and professional background that are adapted to modern labor markets in the knowledge era with orientation towards the development of entrepreneurial activities. ECU represents then, a comprehensive    higher educational system that strongly supports socioeconomic sustainable development. Strategies and future plans of ECU are based on multiple criteria such as: quality, accessibility, effectiveness, governance, sustainability internationalization, excellence of research and community services.

ECU holds affiliations with three renowned research universities in China, Beijing Jiao Tong University, Liaoning University and North China Electric Power University. The collaboration aims to realize Egypt’s aspirations to excel in scientific research and to upgrade the standards of innovation, creativity and community entrepreneurship in the fields of engineering, pharmaceuticals, Physiotherapy and business. It includes cooperation in designing academic and exchange programs and internship opportunities, which increase the university’s productivity in research, and its impact on economic and societal development.